COP26 Heading for the Rocks?


An “intersessional” meeting of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change took place virtually (though marred by technical glitches) from May 31 to June 17 in preparation for COP26. Negotiators failed to achieve progress on international carbon markets, adaption, loss & damage, global stock take, common timeframes for national emissions pledges, periodic review of the global warming goal, and transparency of reporting emissions.
Climate finance, especially the $100 billion/year first pledged by developed countries in 2009 loomed large, even though it was not part of the formal agenda. The $100 billion/year has never been delivered, and developing countries have little confidence that it ever will be. Tensions over this issue threaten to derail COP26.
Claire O’Neill, who was to preside over COP26 before UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson sacked her in February 2020, said there is now a “question mark” over whether COP26 can take place, due to lack of progress in the lead-up talks.




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