Eyes on the US Presidential Election


The current US Presidential Campaign has been surprising our people of Japan, because many of the on-going phenomena are out of our expectation or imagination. It seems to me that we almost see darkness sitting in the US politics and society.

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz raised doubts and asked for investigation on allegation. He pointed out, “A suspicious Dominion Voting System was installed just before the election day, which might flip the votes from Mr. Trump to Mr. Biden.”

He further mentioned that similar software was installed in 47 counties in Michigan. Other States could have used the identical software, which must be checked out with fair legal procedures.

The media was quick in releasing Mr. Biden’s victory in the Presidential election. Mr. Biden declared his victory, to which words of congratulations have been sent from overseas top leaders. Prime Minister Suga was one of them.

However, it is not the media but fair and legal registration, votes, vote collection machine and software that decides the victory. Finally, it is by the judicial judgement.

Despite denial from the media, examples of unfair and illegal facts have been reported from different areas. We can also hear whistleblowers’ voices. Systematic obstruction tactics are obvious, which has made us to think how “wise” the US Democrats and leftist are?

What matters is “Integrity.” In the light of “Integrity,” democracy, election system, politician, people, and all are being challenged now in the US. Once it is collapsed, the US power, trust and influence will be diminished in the world. Countries like China which seek to establish hegemony could invade other countries by taking advantage of its political vacancy.

In order to secure “Integrity,” the US must pursue every possibility so as to defend its country and overcome threat at all cost.

On our side, rather than seeing the US situations from an opposite side of the Pacific, we must take it heart as a valuable lesson for its security.



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